WW II Evaporated Milk Ration Food Tin Can

Evaporated Milk World War Ration Tin Can


Ministry of Food Evaporated Milk tin can replica from World War II. Great for reenactment food supplies.

Product Description

New design of World War II ration food tin cans. This is a Ministry of Food Evaporated Milk tin can. The cans have been made rustic to look old and rusty to look more authentic

The labels have been laminated for longer life. They are attached to recycled food cans the normal beans and soup size, which measure 11 cm height x 7.5 cm approx. (However if you would prefer new cans and not recycled cans this can be done but cans are 60p more so £4.60 each, just contact us). Please note when recycled cans are out of stock new cans are used at no extra charge. Plastic Lids are an extra 50p each if required and can be purchased from the drop down menu under Lids. I can also do these on a larger can that measures 12 cm high x 10 cm wide for £7 each, please just contact me.

I also have a few other designs of food cans which are listed in my shop .

These are great for props or display, can keep screws nuts and bolts in. Even use in the kitchen for tea coffee sugar etc. Great for re-enactment or stage or film sets, 1940’s themed nights and parties.

Also great to use as gift containers for Christmas put sweets inside, socks, tools etc

Please note these vintage cans are solely created for props and fun and to give people a nostalgic feeling. They are not antiques or originals.