Steampunk clocks cogs tin can storage

Steampunk Gothic Vintage Tin Can Cog & Clocks


Vintage Steampunk  design tin can for wedding centerpieces for flowers, cutlery holder, storage tins, gift box or display. Measure 11cm high x 7.5cm wide. This is the clocks & cogs design.

Product Description

Vintage Steampunk upcycled tin cans for display or storage around the home or your business. If new cans are preferred, rather than recycled cans, they are an extra 60p each, please just contact us. Please note when recycled cans are out of stock new cans are used at no extra charge. In the collection at present there is 4 Steampunk designs. The image shows the front and back of the can and option with or without a lid for an extra 50p and can be purchased in my shop. The can measures 11cm tall x 7.5cm wide ( measuring right across the top from one side to the other). I can make these on a larger can for custom orders. The larger can measures 12cm high x 10cm wide and is £7 each

You can use these for wedding centerpieces for flowers or cutlery. Also store pens, cooking utensils, knifes and forks, tools, dried plants, flowers, menus, napkins and also dried food items like tea, coffee, sugar, herbs, sweets etc. Literally can be used to store anything even hobby items, to brighten up your business or home. Great for an unusual gift box too. Bought a present and want something truly unique to put it in.

Great to display around the home or for shops, cafes, restaurants, pubs, trendy coffee shops etc. I have a huge selection of other vintage designs including food and also motor and motorcycle oil designs. I can supply larger quantities; just message me for a quote.

The labels have been laminated for longer use and protection. However they are not dishwasher friendly. If you do need to clean the tin, only wash the inside and dry it straight away.